Friday, June 5, 2009


Good morning, friends.

Wacoan is picking up. I spent 6 hours yesterday driving aimlessly around Waco/Lorena delivery pounds and pounds of the latest issue. One more time today. So i get to attend my first Waco socialite function. I'm there to take pictures of the people, not the actual event, which amazes me. i'm solely being paid to keep track of who's socializing with who. it could be the resonating tune of the shins but i'm looking on the brighter side.. I get to visit a venue i've never been before.. Slippery Minnow Bar and Grill. Yep, Slippery. Minnow. awesome.

I'm in an image posting mood. Mooding image posting. Posting moody images. Imaging moody posts. 

The Royal Tenenbaums.. Ohh Wes Anderson.

Richie: I wrote a suicide note. 
Chas: You did? 
Richie: Yeah, right after I regained conciousness. 
Chas: Well what does it say? Is it dark? 
Richie: Of course it's dark, it's a suicide note. 
Chas: Can I read it? 
Richie: No. 
Chas: Well could you at least summarize it for us? 

New Kitchen. New Living. Rooms.
I entitle this town: Waco. Untitled town is appropriate. 
I love this image. I used it for a project in 2D Design. Something about childhood.

good stuff.

it's beautiful outside. the aroma of fresh brewed coffee is rapidly sifting its way through 
my new home. i love this place. i love the wooden floors, the tiny 
crevices, the character, cracks and green walls. i always imagined my 
first home like this. as i pour more soy into my iced coffee, i discover joy in the pink
the creaking of my floor beneath my feet and the smell of life.

currently reading: mere christianity by CS Lewis.
currently listening: the shins
currently consuming: folgers and frozen grapes.
currently viewing: morning suns

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lauren.holdsworth said...

Will I understand you are a forever metamorphosing being, you can not change the name and or color scheme more then twice a week. Kapeesh?
That word needs to be diagrammed phonetically, like your name.

lylas, booger