Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Poem.

KANSAS CITY.  absolutely wonderful. day 1 consisted of art museums and downtown explorations. day 2 was spent at the lake, soaking in clouds, clouds and more clouds. it was nice to talk again.

Currently Listening: Bricks (Live) by Ben Harper
Currently Writing: A poem and in my journal
Currently Consuming: Iced Creme Brule Rodeo 
Currently Reading: Facebooks, my planner and intermittently Mere Christianity
Currently Watching: Common Grounds 
Currently Enjoying: boyfriend
Currently: Elated and a bit sleepy 


Book of faces
Catalogue of new spaces
Rhythmic hum of keyboard thumbs
perpetually punch: BUMBUMBUM
Tiny faces behind plastic lids
Sipping with hands like kids
Scratch the bite on my knee
Morning's warm rays, still I freeze
Grip of salt, styrofoam sinks
Infinite plaid, flannel soon blinks
I draw the bubbles as I eat the clouds
Above my floating head, torn velvet shroud
Placing the cup, on the blank space
Lightly bring the singed pages to my face
The lion is grumbling me into its lair
I remind myself to keep devouring air 

bon voyage. 

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