Monday, June 29, 2009

looky here.

i think many of my friends will find this funny. i found it while meandering on they recently had a compilation of the top 50 Movie Trailers of all time. plus a rather in depth explanation as to why it's a favorite in the heart of viewers and prolific in the history of trailers.

Also, while exploring i discovered this new social experiment of an annonymous hugging wall. weird. even if it is some comfort for those who fear hugs from the known, this will just further perpetuate their social ineptness rather than encourage a friendly embrace. however, many participants are praising this latest form of "mood elevation". by remaining anonymous, the participants are unaware of the gender or race of whom they are hugging and therefore encourages hugging equality. interesting. maybe if they chose another colored curtain. 

i miss someones.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Photography by  Blake Fitch

Spicy hot straight from the can. 


today has thus far consisted of:

-despondent good morning bye
-car wreck
-cowboy coffee covered car interior
-brutal Spanish test, provided by wandering mind
-lots of laundry and bleach
-clean house
-iChat with Lo
-usual banter and laughs with Karalee
-bit of reading/journaling-gradual understanding of forgiveness
-fastidious anticipation of Dad and Caity 

things to come:
-good meal with good company
-tour de waco
-Benjamin Button 

have a list/agenda-less day, friends. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7 minutes.

To write a post.

7 minutes. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So while I was sweltering during my mid-day run this afternoon, I thought up a few goals. Deadline: Age 50. yes, it's already looming there. 

1. 50 marathons.
2. published compilation of 50 of my poems.
3. visit 50 countries.
4. run a race in all 50 states. 
5. fit 50 marshmallows in my mouth. 
6. see 50 cent in concert. 

The first 5 are a joke.

have good rest of the day. you still have 50% of it left. 


As of recent, I've felt like writing in my journal much more than updating this blog. 

I've desired some necessary doodling. Swooping and swishing my thoughts instead of astutely articulating them. I'll briefly synop my life lately. 

The Wacoan is okay. I drive. I photograph. I usually procrastinate. I suffer criticism. I enjoy interogation. 

God is forgiving. I wish I had the capacity to understand that level of forgiveness, let alone administer it. 

I miss friends and their faces.

I really am delighting in organization and planning. It's new. 

But mainly it still consists of my doodles.

I'm scribbling everywhere. 

Including here. 

I scramble.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

click to enlarge.

I am absolutely enamored by the latest photo shoot for W Magazine. Reminds me of Middle America.