Saturday, May 30, 2009


Artist Focus:
Yellena James
Ink Drawings

I wrote this tinsy poem while attending a moon date...

the tiny way the sky splits the moon in half 
reminds me of the crinkle in your eye when you laugh
beads of stardust and bright beams emanate light
i imagine galactic stars' battles and epic night fights
candid cackles trace the fine, purposeful creases
bare glow where light's emitting ray no longer reaches
maybe this poem sounds childish, trite and unreal
but its the way the the half-moon of your eye makes me feel

all smiles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

ice ice baby.

my ice chomping habit has only exponentially increased with this hot and humid Texas summer. 

[My Rosy Red Summer]
Crisp cool water streams from green gardened hoses
Iridescent smiles appear amidst the pink placid roses
I pick and I pluck and I reach for the life
Removing the roots with a spare pocket knife
Pulling and brushing, I place them in water
Aligned in a vase, I perpetually father
Curiously lifted to dry, rusted petals
sour aroma emitted from malleable metals

Thursday, May 21, 2009

4:46 am.

my good nights have slowly transformed into good mornings. 

these past couple of days have provided me with lots of smiles. 

i really like peanut butter. and trips to Barnes and Noble. scouring the Green Day featured magazine covers and the Christian Inspirational section with Holden always proves itself comical.

Well, today i bought The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. in fact, i wanted to share a bit of what i've been reading. i find it fascinating and a necessary read for any Christian. 

first, i'll read the back:
{C.S. Lewis gives us the correspondence of the worldly-wise old devil to his nephew Wormwod, a novice demon in charge of securing the damnation of an ordinary young man.}

my favorite bit thus far: 

[In civilized life domestic hatred usually expresses itself by saying things which would appear quite harmless on paper (the words are not offensive) but in such a voice, or at such a moment, that they are not far short of a blow in the face. To keep this game up you and Glubose must see to it that each of these two fools have a sort of double standard. Your patient must demand that all his own utterances are to be taken at their face value and judged simply on the actual words, while at the same time judging all his mother's utterances with the fullest and most over-sensitive interpretation of the tone and the context of the suspected intention. She must be encouraged to do the same to him. Hence from every quarrel they can both go away convinced, or very nearly convinced, that they are quite innocent. You know the kind of thing: "I simply ask her what time dinner will be and she flies into a temper." Once this habit is well established you have the delightful situation of a human saying things with the express purpose of offending and yet having a grievance when offense is taken.]

take the time to read it. it will provide clarity. and make your night. and by that i mean.. morning. 

goodnight/morning, friends.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Things I am enjoying:

1. Tazo tea
2. a vacant apartment
3. accepting God's love
4. a lack of structure summer
5. beards

Things I am missing:
1. the "o" on my keyboard
2. a place to sleep
3. monotony 
4. Lo

I really like life right now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday was wonderful. Devin and I went on a photoshoot all over Waco. It was basically a small search for the beauty of Waco. We discovered stunning purple walls and crevices with big blue doors hidden behind white washed walls. And of course, the photoshoot was wildly successful and entertaining. 

School is over. I will officially be a junior in about 8.3 days. Weird. No one has noticed that I'm actually a 14 year old girl harboring her tendencies in a 20 year old woman's body. Hmmm. 
Friends bring me laughter. Primarily due to leprechaun hypotheticals. 
I paid for my entire meal at George's in quarters last night after incessantly scavenging around my house, pulling up cushions and bed-lamps, searching for the tiny coins that littered my home. Little tiny inconspicuous coins. 
Well, I will leave you with a few pictures of the photoshoot with Devin because her laugh should make you smile.