Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday was wonderful. Devin and I went on a photoshoot all over Waco. It was basically a small search for the beauty of Waco. We discovered stunning purple walls and crevices with big blue doors hidden behind white washed walls. And of course, the photoshoot was wildly successful and entertaining. 

School is over. I will officially be a junior in about 8.3 days. Weird. No one has noticed that I'm actually a 14 year old girl harboring her tendencies in a 20 year old woman's body. Hmmm. 
Friends bring me laughter. Primarily due to leprechaun hypotheticals. 
I paid for my entire meal at George's in quarters last night after incessantly scavenging around my house, pulling up cushions and bed-lamps, searching for the tiny coins that littered my home. Little tiny inconspicuous coins. 
Well, I will leave you with a few pictures of the photoshoot with Devin because her laugh should make you smile. 

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