Tuesday, June 9, 2009


One failed internet connection, two dead phones and one impatient contractor later, I'm suddenly pinned for failing to attend either of the assigned Wacoan shoots, yesterday. Sigh. Now that I've finally returned the seething emails, I can return back to sanity as I sit cooped up in a corner, sipping on coffee and longingly glancing at my copy of Mere Christianity.

Anthony is sitting with me. Fussing over his newly acquired iPhone while religiously listening to Kansas and Led Zeppelin, while intermittently transitioning over to latest sports broadcast station through his SONY Sports Mega Bass cassette player. His head bobs steadily along with the rhythmic melodies that blare through his oversized headphones. His worn in BU shirt reminds me of home, his worn down John Deere hat smells like my father 15 years ago and his outward glances bring a wave of nostalgia. Although he's sat here numerous times, I find him still enamored by his surroundings; soaking in each crevice, each moving mouth, as if tomorrow he won't be sitting across from me, observing the same things. Reminds me of freshman year.

Hesitant steps plague my memory as I trotted through unchartered territory. Now, I just accept everything. I've been here before. I've treaded this waters. I've explored these lands. I'm no longer surprised, no longer entertained, and no longer engaged. I just mindlessly toil with my current state of affairs, cowered behind my white, gleaming laptop, sending tiny brain waves to newcomers that they don't belong. 

It's so sad how socially unruly I've become. Daily failing to recognize, acknowledge and encourage the mundane. Desensitized. Careless. I think I'm going to download Sweet Home Alabama, grab my headphones and hum along to my surroundings. Force myself to be aware. Forcing myself to do something that at one time I had to force myself not to do. 

Hey, cool vase. 

I like that. 

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