Thursday, June 11, 2009

fisher maxwell.

Meet my boyfriend, Fisher. we look good together, i'm aware. 

So, packed full of Jane Austen novels, Plath poetry, pretzel sticks, journals and eyes for the open road, I am making my way with Andie to Kansas City, MO. 10 hour drive. 10. 

i've always loved long road trips. 5 hours never seemed long enough as my family made our annual trip to chicago every year from Edwardsville. but now, it seems like the 2 hour drive home takes longer than the previous 5. my perception of time has completely altered since childhood. before, time always flew. always. even in class. sitting with caroline, bantering and avoiding eye contact with the teacher and allowing the hum of the overhead clock to rapidly spin, never heeding to its warnings. 

now, i feel like i'm just never content with the amount of time before me. 

its either too long or too short.
too gone or too much more. 

something about control.

i love fisher.

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