Monday, June 29, 2009

looky here.

i think many of my friends will find this funny. i found it while meandering on they recently had a compilation of the top 50 Movie Trailers of all time. plus a rather in depth explanation as to why it's a favorite in the heart of viewers and prolific in the history of trailers.

Also, while exploring i discovered this new social experiment of an annonymous hugging wall. weird. even if it is some comfort for those who fear hugs from the known, this will just further perpetuate their social ineptness rather than encourage a friendly embrace. however, many participants are praising this latest form of "mood elevation". by remaining anonymous, the participants are unaware of the gender or race of whom they are hugging and therefore encourages hugging equality. interesting. maybe if they chose another colored curtain. 

i miss someones.

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