Thursday, October 16, 2008

le blog de betty. and obama.


1 part tropicana pulp-free orange juice
1 part cranberry juice
1 part blue gatorade
four ice cubes
go gulp down a nice tall alcohol free drink. packed full of instant deliciousness, not to mention a bazillion awesome vitamins, this seriously can be even more rewarding than a drink brimming with Malibu. 

watched the debate last night...

with that said, i have a quote for your beady eyes to feast upon..
"those who do nothing forfeit their right to complain"
i challenge you to vote. not because you think you're going to win. but because you think you have the chance of losing. otherwise, your campaign of complaints is inaudible, muffled under your effortless spirit. so go ahead and vote, loser. 

okay next topic: le blog de betty.

every day she posts a new picture sportin a sweet set of attire. she gives you a few ingredients and voila a million and four ways to sport the same dress. the quality of the photographs are spell binding AND you can brush up on your French in the process with the blog in English and French. oui, merci! 

well i hope everyone has a splendid day. i'm skipping my classes for the remainder of the week and enjoying a good few days in Keller, TX. oh the places i go...

i think i'll settle down with my righteous glass of glory and a banana and peanut butter wrap. 


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