Sunday, October 5, 2008


Contemplating whether to further my college or career or further my history of blog posts, i decided to settle with the latter. subsequently, as i furiously type away at my keyboard at the library on campus, all the busy bees around me think the hum is from my ever-flowing dilligence. oh procrastination.

so today i am infatuated with wallpaper. i know, i just sounded

 like a 43 year old soccer mom. but this wallpaper is insane. don't lie. it's by a german artist called Eno Henze. He did this mural wallpaper for the Maxalot Gallery. so inspirational. let's paper our walls with it, further procrastinating the gigantic logic exam i have tomorrow. bleh. time to go back to work and act mature for the first time in a long time. adios. 

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