Monday, October 6, 2008


Sometimes i question soy. theoretically, i believe soy is actually crack. that would explain why i can't stop drinking it in large quantities. 
hi and good morning. running was interesting this morning. i got nearly terrified mid-run as i found myself immersed in the glorious ghetto of waco. there were about 325 cats in the ally that i used as my cross street and i kept hearing ghosts. also known as the random air conditioners that i swear were trying to conversate with me. freaky. 
funny thing. a couple of days ago whenever i was craving some banana loaves, a few moments after i posted that blog, i received a phonecall informing me that my beloved banana bread was waiting for me. strange. 
the air conditioners must of heard me. 
awesome thing-o-the day:

these photographs! aren't they incredible. i purposely put a period rather than a question mark. these pictures so effectively portray the raw soul of dancing. it's riveting.

all these photographs are by Rachel Papo. 

Find more of her stuff at

have a splendid day dears. 

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