Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay. So, Moms is coming to town for parent's weekend. This should be interesting. I am sure she has already gone into an excel-induced coma and by this point has scheduled every moment accordingly. As long as it's color coated.

SO these bikes rock. Vintage look, vintage price but durable. Bobbin Bicycles is a bicycle corporation in the UK. BUT no worries world travelers, they ship. I think I'll purchase the one with a basket. My birthday is coming up. 17 days to be exact. Goody gum drops. 

Hope to see one of your sorry souls out at the parents weekend BBQ later this svening. I also pray that your parents do not feel the need to structure your life on an excel spreadsheet. Some of us don't have that pleasure of experiencing life Personality A-less. Piss off.


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