Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Forever and a day. Just one.

so i haven't posted anything on this little here blog in about 14 years. and by that i mean 6 months. obvi. 
so much has changed. running my first marathon.  finding photography. finding lucinda. finding new things. appreciating old ones.
i hope these next 6 months are as effervescent.

2 corinthians 7:1 at 11:56 am. let us.. let us.. let us breathe and remember why it no longer feels familiar.

the other day, i was with my grandma. two human beings from two different worlds allowing the air and smiles perforate social norms and securities. topic of conversation: preserving childhood innocence.

there's something about jumping up and down when you are excited. i'm going to start doing that more often. and raising my voice when i'm elated over a friend's success. i feel like as the momentum of life surges us forward, we only raise our voice in anger or to receive attention from another ear in the room. bit by bit, our sincerity has transformed into superficiality.

lauren asked me what i loved most about jesus today. and i believe it to be his sincerity. 

i'm jumping up and down. 

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