Monday, April 20, 2009


I want these stairs/slide in my next house.

It's funny how we label our home as the place where we most often reside. In the case of today, I live at the Panny. sick. 

But I'd like to say that my home is more of where I discover and create my most consequential memories. Moments of clever banter mixed with the distinct aroma of charcoal as our minds hum to serene Kate Nash melodies in Lauren's chipotle house. Or that summer in the mountainous region of Tehachapi, California. I remember climbing over and under small boulders that seemed like cliffs and climbing into tree holes that were fabricated caves. My world was an infinite abyss. And therefore, so were my memories. I only spent three weeks there but I still smell the gravel under my shoes, as I fell in love with running, treading the paths that marked the memories of new beginnings. 

A little duplex in Edwardsville, Illinois. A little dorm room in Waco. A two-story in suburbia. I still miss that place, that home. And that's exactly what it is and who I am. I am a girl with many homes, many hearts and many memories.

I can't help but mull this over in my mind as I recently signed the lease to my first home, a little cottage off of tenth. A little home. With the insurmountable potential.

But for now, as I sit in the chapter tallying the final orders of Theta Olympic T-Shirts, I can't help but smile and embrace the fact that I will leave this home some day, walking away with my own memories, making this another place I call home. 

With that said...
Dear Math Teacher, Please bring Lauren home to me. 
Sincerely, Elle

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holdie said...

you should go to the moody library stairs... there's a slide!